ZEN with a pop of colour!  Magenta as a colour embodies the ethos of WEME, it’s a combination of violet and red, which represents the highest chakra (violet/crown) and the lowest chakra (red/root), a merger of the spiritual and the physical.


This is on our premium uber comf unisex bamboo/organic cotton/spandex blend.  Just the right amount of stretch and responsibly made in Canada to boot.

Environmentally friendly magenta ink infused with the highest quality Ice Selenite, ethically sourced by our friends over at Selenite Kingdom.

Created with the most wholesome of intentions to have a positive impact on your well-being and those around you.

$44 + shipping.

Limited run, S, M + L, email for availability.



Bamboo's inherent characteristics make it naturally moisture wicking without the need for chemical treatments. This allows the fabric to be washed a multitude of times without negating its absorbent properties. This is achieved by the microscopic gaps that permeate the fabric's fibre allowing moisture to be rapidly absorbed. Furthermore, bamboo is hypo-allergenic and UV resistant. This allows individuals with the most sensitive skin to feel comfortable year round. Bamboo's most esteemed characteristic is its natural sustainability. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides for its cultivation and grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil. As an added benefit, bamboo's intrinsic anti-bacterial qualities repel odours and toxins.


The main benefit of Selenite is its ability to emit negative ions which we have measured through lab testing.

"Negative ions are created naturally in the environment from mountains, waterfalls, beaches and healthy forests and are extremely important for balancing our mood. Once negative ions reach our bloodstream, they are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, which in turn alleviates depression, relieves stress and boosts our daytime energy."

To learn more about Selenite's properties, read on...